Go Climbing – Start to Climb or Abseil

‘Have A Go – at Climbing or Abseiling’

This a Taster Experience of either climbing or abseiling as an easy way in to the sport. It is conducted on easy routes that are comfortable for the first time climber aimed at those with little no experience.

Minimum of two people required.

Get Climbing – Basic Climbing Courses

Basic Climbing Course

A minimum 6 hour course that can be one day or 3 evenings.

This is an introduction to climbing that covers equipment, safety, rigging and basic techniques. Those completing the course will be awarded an internal certificate of competence.

Minimum of 2 people required.

Get Climbing – Climbing Beyond The Basics

Beyond The Basics

A minimum of 6 hour course that can be over a day or 3 evenings.

This is a follow on course from the Basic Climbing Course above and looks at more advance rigging and climbing techniques.

Those completing the course will be awarded an internal certificate of competance.


Go climbing and abseiling

Ackers Adventure provides the opportunity for those wishing to climb and abseil on site. These sessions are ideal for individuals, families, youth groups and school groups as it allows each participant to take part in a sport that is exciting and exhilarating.

Ackers Adventure has 3 specially designed climbing walls, The Crag, The South Face and the latest challenge – The Tower. Each facility has various grades of climb ranging from basic traverses to more difficult climbs for those wanting more of a challenge.  The South Face and The Crag are are both floodlit and are available at all times the centre is open. Ackers Adventure also allows recreational use of its climbing walls for the experienced climber and is a great way to perfect their own techniques.

All climbing walls are great for learning how to abseil and perfecting abseil techniques and we also have facilities to allow wheelchair users to abseil down our specially designed wall, which is also great for people with special needs

After School Climbing
Available throughout the Summer months. Please contact us for further information.

Private Tuition
Available to individuals or small groups. Please see COURSES for further information or call Ackers Adventure.

Recreational Climbing
South Face and the Crag is available to use whenever the centre is open subject to availability. Participants must have their own equipment and must sign in at reception on arrival.

Climbing Courses
We offer a range of climbing courses for those wishing to progress further in the world of climbing and abseiling. Please see COURSES for more details.

All activities are suitable for those with special needs (both groups and individuals). Please contact us for further details.