Booking Terms and Conditions

Headings in this Agreement are for guidance and clarification only.
References to The Ackers, Ackers Adventure or The Ackers Trust are synonymous and may mean any or all of those organisations.


  1. Agreement
    Any booking made by a client confers agreement to abide by these Terms & Conditions.
  2. Bookings
    All bookings are made on a first come, first served basis. Provisional bookings are not accepted, so all requests for activities, instructional staff, facility space, programmes or events on a specified date or dates are considered to be firm bookings.
  3. Payment
    Payment methods, terms & conditions are detailed in full in The Ackers Payment, Deposit and Cancellation Terms, available on request.
  4. Cancellation
    Cancellations with less than the prescribed amount of notice (including late arrivals and inclement weather) will incur cancellation or curtailment charges. Cancellation, curtailment and non fulfilment conditions are detailed in full in The Ackers Payment, Deposit and Cancellation Terms, available on request.The Ackers will endeavour to run and operate all bookings as scheduled. No liability will be accepted in the event of cancellation or curtailment by The Ackers for any inconvenience, consequential loss, incidental or third party expenses.
  5. Additional Charges
    Additional charges may be levied for late payment of invoicable bookings in line with the 1998 Commercial Debts (Interest) Act. The rate will be detailed on all invoices and may vary from time to time. Interest will be payable on all amounts including collection fees and charges.
    Breaking the terms of this agreement may render you liable to charges for any of the following:
  • unpaid, returned or recalled bankers orders or cheques
  • letters sent to you as a result of your breach of this contract
  • collection fees or costs including legal fees associated with the collection of moneys outstanding
  • reimbursement for intentional or wanton damage to, or loss of equipment or facilities
  • Credit Control
    Organisations paying by invoice and all clients from whom payment has been received late will be monitored as part of our Credit Control procedure. Credit Terms and acceptance of bookings may be withheld.
  • Prices, Subsidies, Charges & Rates
    All Prices, rates, charges and subsidies are reviewed regularly to be competitive with market conditions and in line with our Charitable Objects. Standard Prices are quoted in literature and will be subject to change from time to time, sometimes without prior notice. No liability will be accepted for errors, omissions or miscommunications.The Ackers will endeavour to provide at least one weeks notice of all such changes or allow an equivalent hold over period. Confirmed and fully paid up bookings will be honoured for a period not exceeding 3 months.Quotations provided for events are valid for up to 3 months, with the exception of bought in or third party costs, which will be chargeable at the rate prevailing.


  • Operational & Activity specific Guidelines
    The Ackers, its employees, agents and servants reserves the right to withhold, withdraw or refuse access to any persons or organisations, without liability or redress, who it reasonably believes to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol, suffering from a medical condition or in any other circumstance where it is felt that safety may be compromised, without giving reason.Operational Guidelines & Procedures, Activity Guidelines, Rules, Codes of Practice or Conduct, Guidance for Visiting Staff, Clothing Requirements, conditions set out by Governing Bodies and Licensing Authorities and any other Policies in force at the time are provided to clarify responsibilities, to ensure and enhance the safety of all involved. Clients and Participants attention are particularly drawn to these as non compliance will also constitute grounds for refusal to provide facilities and services without any liability for refund or compensation.
  • General Guidelines & Policies
    The Ackers has its own Health & Safety, Child Protection & Vulnerable Adults, Equal Opportunities and Emergency Action Plan Policies, based on current best practise. All clients are expected to comply with these at all times whilst on site, or whilst undertaking an activity off site.Please find details below of our Terms & Conditions of Booking & Cancellation Terms for Schools & Youth Groups, Organisations and Individuals.