Get Back to Nature with our Bushcraft Programme

Bushcraft uses ancient methods that enable us to thrive and survive in the natural environment. In the past these essential skills were handed down from generation to generation, but in this modern world in which we live in today our interaction with our natural surroundings has become disconnected. These bushcraft skills are generally no longer required in our usual day to day lives.

However the acquisition of bushcraft skills and knowledge is now for many a popular outdoor adventure activity where we can get back to nature and live like our ancestors. You never know these basic survival skills may become very useful in the future. Bushcraft skills include outdoor activities such as firecraft, tracking, hunting, fishing, shelter building, the use of tools such as knives and axes, foraging, hand-carving wood, container construction from natural materials, and rope and twine-making, among others.

Our bushcraft programme gives you the opportunity to explore our natural environment, learn some of these ancient survival skills that our ancestors used every day and put them to the test.

It is an ideal programme for school parties, youth groups or corporate teams looking to try something different and challenging in the natural environment.

Our Bushcraft Activities

Bushcraft elements include:

  1. Shelter Building using man made materials
  2. Shelter Building using natural materials
  3. Fire lighting and fire construction
  4. Cooking and boiling water over an open fire
  5. Navigation of the outdoors
  6. Further use of map & compass in the outdoors
  7. Making basic tools from natural resources
  8. Bring it all together

Additional Bushcraft Information

To get the most out of the programme and enable a good experience it is our recommendation that the elements above are completed in ther order as listed.

Each element can be booked as individual sessions or combined to make half day or full day course, or as a course of sessions over a number of weeks.