Go Tobogganing at Ackers Adventure

Youngsters 2 to 12 Years: Youngsters will love whizzing down our exclusive toboggan slope over and over again. They are usually very free spirited and go tobogganing offers a great opportunity to mix. Often they use their imagination as they try different ways to get down as fast as they can – often with their parents help!

Go Tobogganing: Go tobogganing is fast, exciting, exhilarating and fun activity especially when paired up with other activities such as our Jungle Challenge or Skiing taster sessions.

Toboggans or Tubes: Our colourful toboggans or tubes are fast and easy to control. They also provide a great photo opportunity for those party memories.

25 Metre Long Slope: Our exclusive purpose built toboggan slope operates all year round, whatever the weather, summer, winter, rain, hail, frost, snow, is 25 metres long and is wide enough for many toboggans to race down at one time. It is suitable for children aged from 2 to 12 years old.

Group Fun: Tobogganing is a fun activity that can be enjoyed on your own or in a group. A responsible adult (group leader) must stay with the group at all times.

Party Time: Tobogganing is ideal for a children’s birthday party or young youth groups such as Brownies and Cubs.

Picnic: In addition the Tobogganing area has its own picnic benches situated at the bottom of  the slope making it an ideal spot for a picnic or outdoor birthday celebrations.


  • Children must wear long sleeves, long trousers (not cropped trousers), suitable footwear e.g. trainers, and gloves at all times.
  • Groups must be supervised at all times by a responsible adult as the toboggan slope is not overseen by Ackers personnel.
  • Please be aware that the slope may be in use by other groups or individuals at the same time.