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About Ackers Adventure

What is the Ackers

Ackers Adventure an independent charitable limited company that was established in 2005 to continuously expand on the aims and objectives of The Ackers Trust. The Ackers Trust was set up in 1981 and still continues to protect the site through Ackers Adventure. The objective of Ackers Adventure is to provide access to adventurous activities for the general benefit of initially the local community and then the inhabitants of other areas nationally in charitable ways. Ackers Adventure helps to achieve this providing all people with the opportunity to do dynamic adventurous activities that are fully instructed.

What Ackers Offers

Learn & Improve: Ackers Adventure is an ideal place to start a new activity, improve on your existing skills, bring your school, youth group, or disability and even the family. We welcome not only locals from Birmingham but everyone across the UK. Many companies have come here to have their staff day out, team building days or staff development days.

Subsidised: The centre is a registered charity (Co Reg 5239365, Charity Reg 1107240) so many of our activities are subsidised to young people. Please browse the web site to see what Ackers Adventure could offer you.

Established Outdoor Centre: Ackers Adventure, situated only 2 miles from the Birmingham city centre, is a well established centre for various outdoor adventurous activities and outdoor pursuits.

Ski Slope, Climbing Walls & Tower, Water Sports etc.: The site, set in 70 acres of semi-rural land has a varied and wide range of activities on offer including 100 m dry ski slope, 20 m nursery ski slope, 20 m snowboard lesson slope, 2 climbing walls, an adventurous events 20 m high tower (you can climb and abseil here, jump down using fan descender or zip down on our 150 m long zip wire) and 2 archery courses (including illuminated archery course for evening archery).

Ackers Adventure also benefits from the Grand Union Canal, which runs straight though the site making it an ideal location for water based activities such as canoe, kayak and bellboats. We also offer bridgering and abseiling from the bridge over the canal.

Lots of Activities: Come and try ski, snowboard, toboggan, canoe, kayak, bellboating climbing, abseiling, bridgering, archery, zip wire or our fan descender today!

Experienced Staff: The Ackers has 25 years of experience and we have an excellent team of staff and an outstanding health and safety record.

Exciting Opportunities

Achieve high skill levels: Ackers Adventure is very fortunate that due to the quality and location of the facilities we attract highly skilled instructors and coaches that can take you from an absolute beginner to very high levels linking directly in to the National Governing Bodies (NGB) of Sport England such as Snowsport EnglandBritish Canoe UnionBritish Mountaineering Council etc.

Novice – Racer – Coach:For example we have one of the top ski clubs in the country, snowmark accredited Midland Ski Club, training here three times a week that can take you to national racing and coaching standards. These type of opportunities can lead you into a very new and exciting career path:

  • Learn to ski in Birmingham
  • Learn to snowboard in Birmingham
  • Tobogganing for children all year round
  • Learn to Canoe and Kayak in Birmingham
  • Learn to Climb and Abseil in Birmingham
  • Bridgering
  • Archery on site in Birmingham
  • Team Building in Birmingham
  • Staff Development in Birmingham
  • Jungle Challenge an outdoor jungle obstacle course set in a Birmingham Wood
  • Fun Parties for children
  • Orienteering suitable for schools, Cubs, Suits, Brownies, Guides, and other youth groups
  • Residential Centre based in Birmingham that is ideal for schools and youth groups
  • The Tower Challenge

Fund Raising

Generous help needed: As Ackers Adventure is a non-profit organisation we must fundraise in order to provide new facilities, equipment and opportunities to both our charitable subsidised users and the general public. This can be for anything providing new facilities such as our recently added Adventurous Activity Tower or Ackers Base Camp Building to providing equipment for our After School Clubs or new Toboggans.

How we raise funds: Ackers Adventure raises funds in many different ways from lottery applications to writing applications for support from charitable trusts and local businesses.

Fund Raising Events: We hold different events throughout the year from our Christmas Ski & Climb evening to quiz nights. Please keep an eye on the special offers page of our website for more information about whats coming soon.

Sponsored Events:Our staff and customers are encouraged to participate in sponsored events such as The Birmingham Half Marathon in order to raise money for us. If you plan to run the marathon this year and would like to raise money for a worthy cause then contact us now.

Stay at Ackers

You can make your trip to us a residential stay. Our residential building offers 26 beds at very competitive and reasonable price.

Charity Information

Further information about our charity including Annual Reports and Accounts can be found on Ackers Adventure’s guide star page at www.guidestar.org.uk

Company Registration Number: 5239365

Place of Registration:

  • Companies House, Cardiff

Registered Office Address:

  • Ackers Adventure,
    Ackers Base Camp,
    Golden Hillock Road,
    Birmingham B11 2PY

Email Address: [email protected]


  • Office 0121 772 3739
  • Ski Centre: 0121 772 5111

Ackers Trust Registration Number: 511343

Ackers Adventure trading as The Ackers

Charity Registered: 1107240

Web Service Provider:

  • Aonix Limited
    Cecil Court, 28-36 Cecil Road,
    Hale, Cheshire
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  • E-mail: [email protected]

Trade bodies or Professional Associations:

  • SnowSport England
  • British Mountaineering Council
  • British Canoe Union

The Ackers is not registered for VAT purposes.