• We welcome the Mad Hatters charity to Ackers Adventure.

    “Children with disabilities thrive on adventure!” said Gary Roskell, Development Director at Mad Hatters when he brought children who benefit from Mad Hatters’ support to enjoy a day at Ackers recently. Madhatters is a brilliant charity that helps children with special educational needs and disabilities across the West Midlands and Ackers Adventure is proud to […]

  • Why skiing is great for health!

    Stronger bones and healthier joints. Quick changes of direction and the forces involved in skiing make it a great way to do weight-bearing exercise. This leads to stronger knees and legs. Boosts your mood. Skiing makes you feel good. Whether you are on your own or in a group, the feeling of exhilaration and wellbeing […]

  • Climbing a new sport for the Tokyo Olympics!

    Last year saw the announcement that climbing is to be an official sport in the 2020 Tokyo Olympic—the sport climbing version that is. You’d think that this would meet with a great cheer in the climbing community. As the UK has so many good climbers, we would also be expected to have quite a few […]

  • Bushcraft in Brum

    More and more TV programmes are now appearing that involve the outdoors, survival and bush craft.  Programmes such as Dual Survival, Bear Grylls, and Ray Mears etc are becoming more and more popular with both adults and children alike looking to get involved in the outdoors. Survival has three key areas, shelter, heat and food, […]

  • Outdoor activities for the start of the school term.

    Just a small amount of time spent outside and participating in outdoor activities can improve your mood, concentration and wellbeing. Everyone knows exercise is good for you: we hear about it all the time in the news, media and from health professionals. There is always a new target to reach, whether it be 10,000 steps […]

  • The Indoors/Outdoors debate

    There’s a lot going for the outdoors. For a start being outdoors is great for your health, reducing stress levels and lowering blood pressure.  You can’t quite put your finger on it but the whole being surrounded by the trees thing work wonders for your piece of mind. So, a gentle walk in the open […]