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We are able to offer both group courses or private lessons.
A variety of courses and lessons are available depending on your ability. Our Instructors can take you from no experience what so ever through to parallel skiing and beyond.
If you prefer to learn in a group then, as well as the advanced courses, we offer two options; the condensed course or the starter session. The content of these paths is identical, they just offer different styles of learning.
Please read through the descriptions below to see which style suits you the best, If you can't decide then ring the team on 0121 7725111 who will be able to discuss the options and book you in.
Once you have chosen your pathway you may find that a ski package better suits your pocket. We really do have something for everyone!
Man enjoying Tubing on a stag weekend

Fancy some Sliding Fun?

We have introduced Tubing Sessions on the main slope for 8yrs+. And our very popular Tobogganing  for under 12yrs on its purpose built slope.


from £6.50

Ages Between 3 - 12

This is an open 1 hour session. No need to book




Feel the wind in your hair as you desend the main Ski Slope in one of our Tubes.

Learn to Ski

We have various ways for you to learn to Ski, All are listed below.
Skis and boots are provided but you must ensure you have long sleeves, long trousers and gloves. There may be up to 12 people on the Group  lessons . Lessons are 1 hour in duration. After each lesson, the instructor will sign an achievement card to show your progress and will then advise which lesson is needed next, you can then book your next lesson. Sometimes lessons need to be repeated if the standard has not been reached and so we offer a package of 6 lessons at a reduced price. These can be booked online.

Private lesson


Book a private lesson for one to one instruction at a time to suit you, The instructor will asses your ability and tailor the session to meet your individual needs. Talk to the team about adding extra people for an extra £18.50/person or booking for a family for £76.50.

Go Skiing


On Thursday Evenings we have Go Skiing (for ages 8+) which runs from 6:00pm – 7:30pm. It caters for all levels from complete beginners up to recreational level skiers. As this session has different levels of skiers attending, progression is sometimes slower and therefore more sessions will be required. For those customers that wish to learn more quickly, a different Ackers package may be more suitable. Please see below for different options or give the reception team a call on 0121 772 5111.The session teaches you the basics of skiing in a relaxed environment and is also a great opportunity to meet like minded people. It aims to teach you to the level to be able to use the slope recreationally over a period of weeks in preparation for more advanced sessions that we offer.

Learn to Ski Penguin lessons

from £20

Penguins (4-7) £20

Penguin lessons are specifically for ages 4-7. We run a series of 4 learn to ski lessons. The first is a starter lesson for complete beginners once you have completed level four you will be at a bassic level of Skiing, and will be able to ski independantly or we recomend booking onto our snowplough plus sessions for further coaching.

Learn to Ski Starter Lessons

from £20

Adults £26.50 | Juniors (8-16) £20

These are a series of four levels of lessons to take you from complete beginner to a basic standard of skiing.
Once the standard of this lesson has been achieved, use of the main slope is allowed unsupervised for recreational practice.

Please be aware that skiing is a skill that needs continuing practise. Only those skiers that can perform linked plough turns whilst in control of their speed and direction, may use the slope recreationally.

Improve your Skiing

If you can Ski to at least our Basic recreational standard then this section is for you we have sessions with coaches to give you some pointers to improve your skills or perhaps you just want to blow the dust off your skis then come along to one of the sessions below.

Recreational Skiing

from £13.50

£13.50 Junior | £17.50 Adult

If you are already of the basic recreational standard of being able to do linked turns, control your speed and direction and use our button lift then you can use our slope for recreational skiing!Recreational skiing is not currently available on Friday evenings or when we are running Tubing sessions. Please check before ariving.

Snowplough plus

from £13.50

£13.50 Junior | £17.50 Adult

On Wednesday evenings and Sunday afternoons we have Snowplough Plus Lessons. These sessions aim to cover carving techniques and move from snowplough turns to parallel turns. There are 15 minutes at the start and end of the lesson to practice before and after the 1 hour of coaching in between. This lesson needs to be pre-booked in advance. £17.50 for adults and £13.50 for juniors.This session will develop your own personal skiing to become a parallel level skier. It can cover different techniques such as using ski poles, pole planting and carving. This can help improve your general skiing as well as your style.A minimum standard of basic snowplough turns is required from the top of the main slope. Perfect if you have just completed one of our Beginer courses or starter 4.

Wednesday morning

from £13.50

£13.50 Junior | £17.50 Adult

Our Wednesday Morning Club runs from 10:00am – 1:00pm. It’s a fantastic value informal coaching session which offers 2 hours of coaching and 1 hour of recreational skiing. Hot drinks and biscuits are included!

Ski instructor

from £13.50

£13.50 Junior | £17.50 Adult

If you are aged over 16 and can do basic parallel turns, why not join the regular Instructor Training Sessions that run on Wednesday evenings from 6:00pm – 8:00pm at Ackers Adventure.These sessions will improve your own personal level of skiing and break it down into it’s basic form in order to be able to become an instructor. The coach will guide you through all the required stages to become a nationally recognised Snowsport England Instructor.

Ski Lessons Packages

Our packages are a great way to save some money on learning to ski or just to use to improve your skiing.
The package will give you a voucher code which will give you about a 30% discount depending on the product.

Learn to ski Package


This great value package will give you six voucher codes to redeem against any of our starter lessons for Penguins use the link below.

Improver ski Package


This package will give you voucher codes for Six sessions on our Snow Plough plus, Wednesday morning or Recreational skiing.

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